How well is your surplus property program performing?

SPR is a diverse group of Executive Environmental and Real Estate Directors who have dedicated this group to identify key areas of excellence and share opportunities for improvement. As a non-member, you now have the opportunity to benefit from these as well. 

Benefits of SPR Benchmarking Survey

  • Holistic insights to your surplus property program

  • Access to best practices related to your industry

  • Actively track and progress the status of your surplus property program

What is the SPR Benchmarking Survey all about?

The Benchmarking Survey is designed to evaluate your program's maturity in seven topic areas:

  • Portfolio Information

  • Benefits/Value Management

  • Portfolio Strategy

  • Risk Management

  • Supplier Engagement

  • Management of Long-Term Liabilities

  • Market Strategies

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Your results will be aggregated and normalized across all other participants. For just $3,500, you'll receive a customized benchmarking report that highlighting key areas of excellence, opportunities for improvement, and invaluable information about industry best practices.

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“BP has found the Benchmarking Assessment an invaluable tool to help understand what others in the industry are doing and how we can improve our processes. It also demonstrates some extremely insightful and useful best practices out there from which we can learn.” 

—  Jim Schaeffer, Property Divestment Manager, BP

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